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ТЕМА: Баги, найденные в игре

Баги, найденные в игре 09.10.2019 04:50 #9028

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AnnTenna пишет:
Спасибо большое, эту партию ошибок тоже исправили! Готовы к новой волне! :pinch: :) :) :blush:

Да, я получил больше этих горячих из духовки.) Посмотри. Просто помните, что я показываю видео в последовательности и видео, где я нашел ошибки.

Видео 16:

4:14 - Would it be too obvious is I said you got here just in the nick of time?(Возможно, должно быть "Would it be too obvious if I said you got here just in the nick of time?")
16:31 - That creatures...(Возможно, должно быть "Those creatures...")
16:31 - It's not an ordinary monsters.(Возможно, должно быть "They are not ordinary monsters.")
16:33 - It seems to be a sample from an experiment.(Возможно, должно быть "They seem to be a sample from some experiment.")
17:29 - ... and talk to someone who named The Dark Priest. (Возможно, должно быть "... and talk to someone who's named 'The Dark Priest'.")
17:52 - Here, it seems, was the disinfection function.(Возможно, должно быть "Here, it seems that I found the disinfection function.")
18:08 - ... the Cult didn't leave them own city.(Возможно, должно быть "... the Cult didn't leave their own city.")
18:13 - These is a beach that is perfect for us to disembarkation.(Возможно, должно быть "There's a beach that is perfect for us to disembark.")
19:56 - I'm glad that is with you everything is all right, friend.(Возможно, должно быть "I'm glad that everything is all right with you, my friend.")
20:02 - Principal, why you called Motavian Chief?(Возможно, должно быть "Principal, why you called the Motavian Chief?")
20:04 - If Cult somehow can be connected with all of this, than we need any help.(Возможно, должно быть "If the Cult is somehow connected to all of this, then we need help .")
20:18 - So I asked SOIN to send message to Gryz.(Возможно, должно быть "So I asked SOIN to send a message to Gryz.")
20:23 - Once again, sorry for having attacked you. All because of that psycho.(Возможно, должно быть "Once again, sorry for having attacked all of you. And all because of that psycho.")
20:29 - ... Then something about death... pick someone up there.(Возможно, должно быть "... Then something about death... and picking someone up after leaving the cave.")
20:40 - Thought that I can pull out him upward until Pana brings you.(Возможно, должно быть "Thought that I could pull him out upwards and out of the cave while Pana brought you.")
20:44 - But as soon as I pulled my hand, I immediatly lost consciousness. (Возможно, должно быть "But as soon as I extended my hand to him, I immediatly lost consciousness.")
20:51 - I don't want to draw conclusion to a hothead. Talk first.(Возможно, должно быть "I don't want to draw any conclusions right now. Let's talk to them first.")
20:57 - Sure, fat chance! (Возможно, должно быть "Sure, what could go wrong!")
21:05 - I never met them and don't understand your rage, but, Hahn, why on usual conversation you lifted from a bed the strongest motavian on the planet? (Возможно, должно быть "I never met this Cult and I also don't know why do you hate them Hahn, but why did you ask the strongest motavian on the planet to come here?")
21:11 - Well... To say, the Cult not always goes on contact.(Возможно, должно быть "Well... Because the Cult is not easily approachable.")
21:21 - Why you potter with them eternally?(Возможно, должно быть "Why do you always pat their heads?")
21:26 - Better answer, you found the enter into their cave?(Возможно, должно быть "I have a better question, did you find the secret entrance to their cave?")
21:32 - In the house that behind my back, was door to the cellar. (Возможно, должно быть "In that house over there. There is a door to the cellar.")
21:42 - The lock is rusty, but it is visible, that it was opened many times. (Возможно, должно быть "There is a rusty lock, but you can see that someone tried to open it many times.")
21:43 - I tried a little to... open it.(Возможно, должно быть "Actually... I kinda tried to open it.")
21:45 - You wanted to say, "broke it"?(Возможно, должно быть 'Let me guess, you actually just broke it?')
21:48 - See no difference. (Возможно, должно быть "Isn't it the same thing?")
21:57 - Oh, and didn't forget yet. Which of you that girl that cured the kid from poison of a scorpius? (Возможно, должно быть "Oh, I almost forgot. Which of you is the girl that cured the kid in Tonoe from poison of a scorpius?")
22:00 - Emm.. Seems, that was me. (Возможно, должно быть "Erm... I think that was me.")
22:12 - He knows how to do the good weapon. (Возможно, должно быть "He knows how to make a good weapon.")
22:59 - It seems that it once was the shelf for books. Boards rotted though... (Возможно, должно быть "It seems that it once was a shelf for books, the boards have rotted though...")
23:02 - Pages in these books or are pulled out, or are burned. What sad fate...(Возможно, должно быть "Pages in these books were either pulled out or burned. What a sad fate...")
25:04 - Are everyone there such villains? (Возможно, должно быть "Can we even say that all of them are evil?")
25:10 - Then, what so bad the Cult did?(Возможно, должно быть "Then what did this Cult do to become so evil?")

Видео 17:

2:05 - And the fact that you're trying to sell us is a fake! (Возможно, должно быть "Which basicly means that you're trying to sell us a fake one!")
6:01 - Come on in. Already waiting for you.(Возможно, должно быть "Come on in. We were expecting you.")
6:03 - This is strange. How could they know that? (Возможно, должно быть "That's really weird... How could they know we were coming?")
6:07 - Or they heard how you break their hatch.(Возможно, должно быть "Or they heard how you broke their hatch.")
6:17 - An insufficient amount hands for work.(Возможно, должно быть "We also do not have sufficient amount of people for work.")
7:00 - We have a stone to complete it.(Возможно, должно быть "We have enough stone to complete it.")
7:33 - ...and therefore the smell of many flowers is not available to me.(Возможно, должно быть "...and therefore the smell of many flowers are not available to me.")
7:36 - Well, that sometimes comes down here motavian herbalist and sells here perfume.(Возможно, должно быть "Well, sometimes a motavian herbalist comes down here to sell his perfume.")
8:55 - So... Carefully open.(Возможно, должно быть "Let's open this carefully...")
9:15 - But since he blind, (Возможно, должно быть "But since he's blind,")
9:39 - Until recognized him true motives -(Возможно, должно быть "That until we recognized his true motives -")
9:43 - Don't deny that we felt his influence, that oppressive aura, (Возможно, должно быть "It can't be denied that we felt his influence, his oppressive aura, ")
10:28 - And will not more wars of faith! (Возможно, должно быть "And then there will be no more wars of faith!")
10:30 - And there will be only silence peace of mind.(Возможно, должно быть "There will be only silence and peace of mind.")
10:33 - ...helped to find what we so desired.(Возможно, должно быть "...who helped us to find what we so desired.")
11:15 - Each visitor after payment has to to undersign for this magazine.(Возможно, должно быть "Each visitor after payment has to sign this book.")
12:21 - Silent. How do stones stand...(Возможно, должно быть "Silent. They stand still like stone statues...")
12:47 - Tell me Koal, did you or some of your men had bussiness with scientist by a name Franz?(Возможно, должно быть "Tell me Koal, did you or some of your men had bussiness with a scientist by the name of Franz?")
13:08 - All I want to know is could anyone from your men help Franz.(Возможно, должно быть "All I want to find out is if any of your men was involved with Franz.")
13:16 - One of his creature carried a tatoo of your cult.(Возможно, должно быть "One of his creatures carried a tattoo of your cult.")
13:18 - Hanh, did you heard what people vanish from everywhere of Motavia?(Возможно, должно быть "Hanh, did you know that many people mysteriously vanish from everywhere in Motavia?")
13:22 - Of course, some of them got lost, some got accident...(Возможно, должно быть "Of course, some of them get lost, some died in accidents...")
13:37 - It is so convenient to put sins on others? Those who suffered much enough for their belief !?(Возможно, должно быть "Why is it so convenient to put sins on others? For those who have suffered so much for their belief!?")
13:47 - For those who was not against destruction of the whole planet twenty years ago.(Возможно, должно быть "Even for those who weren't against the destruction of the whole planet twenty years ago!")
13:56 - And therefore came here not to...(Возможно, должно быть "And therefore I didn't come here to...")
14:04 - Though I once also swore that no longer set my foot in this damned lair.(Возможно, должно быть "Though I swore to never set my foot in this damned lair again.")
14:08 - But you at least have one.(Возможно, должно быть "But at least you have your legs.")
14:23 - I think, we should stop argue.(Возможно, должно быть "I think we shouldn't argue anymore.")
14:23 - This will lead nowhere.(Возможно, должно быть "This discussion won't lead us anywhere.")
14:50 - It's work the same as Bio-Plant. But operated by artificial inteligence which was called GENE. (Возможно, должно быть "It works like the Bio-Plant, but it's operated by an artificial inteligence called GENE.")
15:18 - But all systems was activated by someone and soldiers won't allow me to reach incubators.(Возможно, должно быть "But all systems were activated by someone and the soldiers within it won't allow me to reach the incubators.")
15:29 - Perhaps it was yours mad scientist.(Возможно, должно быть "Perhaps it was your mad scientist.")
16:39 - To ahem... Not undermine faith of my people, I don't want them to know about generators.(Возможно, должно быть "To ahem... Not undermine the faith of my people, I don't want them to know about the generators.")
16:57 - Ha, your faith don't worth even a single meseta. All is lie! (Возможно, должно быть "Hah! Your faith truly is not worth a single meseta! Everything is a lie!")
17:02 - I am not going to justify myself before such thick-headed strapper as you.(Возможно, должно быть "I am not going to justify myself before a thick-headed strapper such as you.")
17:04 - But if generators will be not installed, life here gonna be impossible! (Возможно, должно быть "But if the generators aren't installed, life here would become unsustainable!")
17:25 - Even though they exiled, they still people of Motavia.(Возможно, должно быть "Even though they were exiled, they are still people of Motavia.")
17:44 - Pff... I don't even start yet.(Возможно, должно быть "Pff... I didn't even get started yet.")
18:59 - Enter only to members of the cult.(Возможно, должно быть "Entrance is only allowed to members of the cult.")
19:36 - ...He breathing.(Возможно, должно быть "...He's breathing.")
19:37 - It is a good sign, apart from the fact that he, apparently, completely went mad. Faint from exhaustion.(Возможно, должно быть "That is a good sign, apart from the fact that he went completely mad and fainted from exhaustion.")
19:43 - Need to repeat, so Darkness led him along the corridor of happiness!(Возможно, должно быть "He needs to repeat this until Darkness leads him through the corridor of happiness!")
19:50 - It... It is not normal... (Возможно, должно быть "This... Is not something normal... ")
20:40 - It is very cruel!(Возможно, должно быть "That is so selfish!")
20:51 - It will be the most magnificent statue in this city. Perfectly!(Возможно, должно быть "It will be the most magnificent statue on this city. Perfect!")
20:54 - Are there really art lovers among fans of rot and rubbish?(Возможно, должно быть "Are there any art lovers among the fans of rot and rubbish?")
21:04 - No need, mate. He specifically provokes you.(Возможно, должно быть "No need to get mad, my friend. He's doing this on purpose, just to provoke you.")
21:30 - The darkness blesses all her children.(Возможно, должно быть "Darkness blesses all of her children.")
23:02 - And against fights at all.(Возможно, должно быть "Or any kind of fight for that matter.")

Видео 18:

1:24 - If I needed it, then would deal with you while you were still in the settlement.(Perhaps should be "If I needed it, then I would have dealt with you while you were still in the settlement.")
5:22 - What head of me if I can't help the motavian in need.(Perhaps should be "I would have to be crazy to not help a motavian in need.")
5:28 - Dangerous monsters is everywhere.(Perhaps should be "There are dangerous monsters everywhere.")
5:29 - In the north from a break grows in a cave a Persist plant, which I use to create perfumes.(Perhaps should be "To the north you'll find a cave. Inside the cave you will find a Persist Plant growing, which I use to create my perfumes.")
5:35 - But a caterpillars eat this plant so greedly, that is nothing left to me.(Perhaps should be "There are so many caterpillars that eat this plant that there is nothing left of it for me.")
5:37 - Could you stop this caterpillars and bring some Presist flower to me?(Perhaps should be "Perhaps you could defeat the caterpillars and bring a Persist Flower for me?")
6:45 - Caterpillars eat the last shoots. Need to stop them!(Perhaps should be "The caterpillars are eating the last flowers! We need to stop them!")
6:51 - Some strange color.(Perhaps should be "These caterpillars have a strange color.")
6:54 - This is because of the grass. Because of her, they change their color.(Perhaps should be "That is because of the grass. When they eat it, they change their color.")
6:58 - Need to be very careful!(Perhaps should be "We need to be very careful!")
9:32 - It is nothing.(Perhaps should be "It was nothing.")
9:34 - I haven't a lot of things, only perfumes.(Perhaps should be "Sadly I don't have much to offer, only my perfumes.")
9:38 - It seems to me, they will not abandon such a little gift.(Perhaps should be "It seems to me that they would not neglect such gifts.")
9:46 - One strange thing.(Perhaps should be "Something very strange that I found out.")
9:47 - I listen to you.(Perhaps should be "Go on.")
9:51 - I wanted to go down in a break to collect a few roots.(Perhaps should be "I tried to climb down this chasm in order to collect a few roots.")
10:04 - Hmmm, interestingly. We need to look to understand everything.(Perhaps should be "Hmmm, interesting. We need to see this for ourselves to find out what is this all about.")
10:09 - ...we are absolutely connected with any evilness!(Perhaps should be "...we are absolutely connected to every kind of evilness!")
10:35 - As about the fact that you will cease to fool around, and we will continue search of thermal generators.(Perhaps should be "Waiting to see when you will cease to fool around and continue our search for the thermal generators.")
10:57 - Need to catch him, to find out.(Perhaps should be "First we need to catch him, that's the only way to find out.")
11:49 - Nothing has left. He simply spread out!(Perhaps should be "There is nothing left of him. He simply vanished!")
11:55 - Monster's body decomposed...(Perhaps should be "The monster's body decomposed...")
12:00 - Could Franz's accomplice somehow involved in this?(Perhaps should be "Could it be that Franz's accomplice was somehow involved in this?")
12:01 - Maybe, it was Koal? It fits.(Perhaps should be "Maybe it was Koal? It makes sense.")
12:04 - Koal not stupid. (Perhaps should be "Koal is not stupid.")
20:34 - He's spread out too...(Perhaps should be "He vanished too...")
20:35 - Can't take a sample.(Perhaps should be "I couldn't take a sample.")
20:55 - He gone missing a week ago, I believe.(Perhaps should be "He went missing a week ago, I believe.")
21:00 - That soldiers at plant...(Perhaps should be "Those soldiers at the plant..." or "Those soldiers at the lab...")
21:01 - They lives...(Perhaps should be "Their lives...")
21:14 - Who could have persuade you to...(Perhaps should be "Who could have persuaded you to...")

(English Version)
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Баги, найденные в игре 07.11.2019 19:02 #9085

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Благодарю! Наконец-то, справились с этой партией ошибок! Готовы принять новую порцию :laugh:
Граждане, пожалуйста, соблюдайте порядок!
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Спасибо сказали: anyon175

Баги, найденные в игре 15.11.2019 20:33 #9095

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AnnTenna пишет:
Благодарю! Наконец-то, справились с этой партией ошибок! Готовы принять новую порцию :laugh:

Хорошо, вот тогда. Больше баги для тебя. :laugh:

Видео 19:

0:48 - I want to enroll to Guardians. Always dreamed of such job. (Возможно, должно быть "I want to enroll to the Guardians. I always dreamed of such a job.")
0:50 - In the tower anyone can find occupation to their liking.(Возможно, должно быть "In the tower anyone can find an occupation to their liking.")
2:17 - It is a warehouse.(Возможно, должно быть "This is the warehouse.")
2:51 - Listen, Vist, why do we need armour store in tower?(Возможно, должно быть "Listen Vist, why do we need an armour store?")
3:25 - It is Dahlia's room.(Возможно, должно быть "This is Dahlia's room.")
11:41 - ... and it was there the whole time.(Возможно, должно быть "... and it was here the whole time.")
11:47 - There aren't much of it here. Wanted to use it...(Возможно, должно быть "There isn't much left of it here. I wanted to use it...")
11:52 - There was also an idea to make weapon. Crystals would have...(Возможно, должно быть "I also had an idea to make a weapon where crystals would have...")
11:57 - What this have with difficulty?(Возможно, должно быть "What does this have to do with difficulty?")
16:03 - ...that this arent the safest descent.(Возможно, должно быть "...that this isn't exactly what you would call 'the safest route'.")
16:06 - Sister, that definitely not the case, when we need to try!(Возможно, должно быть "Sis, that hole is definitely not a good example of "we need to try" moment!")
19:40 - Something frightening in this sound...(Возможно, должно быть "Something frightening comes from this sound...")
19:42 - Elevator is jammed. Looks like, because... hmph, can't pull it.(Возможно, должно быть "The elevator is jammed. Looks like it's... Hmph, I can't pull it open.")

Видео 20:

3:44 - Looks like something wrong with it.(Возможно, должно быть "Looks like there is something wrong with it.")
3:48 - ...ancients wouldn't worry about loosing data AI collected.(Возможно, должно быть "...ancients wouldn't worry about loosing data that the AI had collected.")
3:50 - According to reports Bio-Dome was found by accident because of one defective sample.(Возможно, должно быть "According to reports, the Bio-Dome was found by accident because of one defective sample.")
3:51 - Bio-Dome was destroyed. I thought GENE was destroyed with it.(Возможно, должно быть "When the Bio-Dome was destroyed, I thought GENE had been destroyed with it.")
3:54 - Looks like system got damaged.(Возможно, должно быть "Looks like the system got damaged.")
3:57 - I getting tired of this.(Возможно, должно быть "I'm getting tired of this.")
3:59 - SOIN must connect to system unit, then we'll have...(Возможно, должно быть "For SOIN to be able connect to the system unit, then we'll have to...")
4:43 - It useless. SOIN don't respond.(Возможно, должно быть "It's useless. SOIN isn't responding.")
26:58 - GENE wouldn't bother us anymore.(Возможно, должно быть "GENE won't bother us anymore.")
27:12 - So that's mean Franz and his mysterious accomplice not involved in this.(Возможно, должно быть "So that means Franz and his mysterious accomplice were not involved in this.")
27:18 - This databases hasnt been touched for years.(Возможно, должно быть "These databases haven't been touched for years.")
27:34 - Are the ancients had access to such information?!(Возможно, должно быть "Have the ancients had access to such information?!")
27:43 - Too bad SOIN unavailable.(Возможно, должно быть "Too bad SOIN is unavailable right now.")
27:44 - Why don't you save all archives at digital store in your hand?(Возможно, должно быть "Why don't you save all archives at the digital store in your hand?")

Видео 21:

5:15 - When you said you live in cave, thats not how I imagine this.(Возможно, должно быть "When you said you lived in a cave, that's not how I imagined this.")
5:58 - ...Even more.(Возможно, должно быть "Actually even more than that.")
6:33 - ...while I'm look for a cure. (Возможно, должно быть "while I'm looking for a cure.")
6:36 - This bracelets you put on - not merely an acessory.(Возможно, должно быть "These bracelets you put on are not merely an acessory.")
6:40 - It essence - reveal magical potencial of owner. (Возможно, должно быть "Its essence is able to reveal the magical potencial of its owner.")
6:48 - It sure useless for me. I dont have a fraction of magic.(Возможно, должно быть "This is certainly useless for me. I don't possess a fraction of magic.")
11:25 - Need to tell Rud what I'm mastered it.(Возможно, должно быть "I need to tell Rud that I've mastered it.")
16:56 - We guard a city where every other is a soldier.(Возможно, должно быть "We guard a city where everyone is a soldier.")
17:49 - ...what you ask dont exist! I'm tired of repeat this to you!(Возможно, должно быть "...what you are asking doesn't exist! I'm tired of repeating this to you!")
17:57 - It's started... (Возможно, должно быть "It all started")
18:01 - No, Thats a thing! Explosion, and...(Возможно, должно быть "No, thats the thing! An explosion happened, and then...")
18:07 - Agree.(Возможно, должно быть "Agreed.")
18:15 - Me and Phil trying to find...(Возможно, должно быть "Me and Phil are trying to find...")
18:18 - I read, it could give unlimited power!(Возможно, должно быть "I read somewhere that it could give someone unlimited power!")
18:51 - And I get here yesterday...(Возможно, должно быть "And I just got here yesterday...")
19:27 - ...we have experience in climb, so...(Возможно, должно быть "...we have experience in climbing, so...")
21:25 - I am worry he would wound himself.(Возможно, должно быть "I'm worried that he could end up wounding himself.")
21:26 - Yes, but I would worry about furniture a little also.(Возможно, должно быть "Yes, but I think you should worry more about your furniture instead.")
21:31 - Look at this weapons!? Whole arsenal!(Возможно, должно быть "Look at these weapons!? He has a whole arsenal!")
21:46 - I decided, cold weapon not for me. Will...(Возможно, должно быть "I've decided that cold weapons are not for me. I'll...")
23:24 - My elder son passes the exam in Torinco...(Возможно, должно быть "My elder son is gonna pass the exam in Torinco...")
23:32 - ...book where is Phil's grandfather mentioned.(Возможно, должно быть "...book where Phil's grandfather is mentioned.")
23:40 - Sword!? Unusual... (Возможно, должно быть "They have a Sword!? It's so unusual...")
23:44 - ...this sword seems quite on right place.(Возможно, должно быть "...this sword seems to be quite on the right spot.")
23:46 - Brrr, trembling remembering.(Возможно, должно быть "Brrr, just remembering that gives me the shivers.")
24:12 - Need to paint this column... I don't like it. But what color?(Возможно, должно быть "I need to paint this column... I don't like this, but which color should I choose?")

Видео 22:

0:12 - General Doyle is very honored man...(Возможно, должно быть "General Doyle is a very honored man...")
0:28 - You know history?(Возможно, должно быть "You know about his history?")
0:40 - Are these busts have been polished?(Возможно, должно быть "Have these busts been polished?")
1:15 - Minute? This is gonna take a much more...(Возможно, должно быть "A minute? This is gonna take a much longer...")
1:34 - They say that city got situation very intense. Because of old history with dark mage sorcery.(Возможно, должно быть "They say that city got in a very intense situation. Because of their past with dark sorcery.")
1:38 - He force whole city to...(Возможно, должно быть "He forced the whole city to...")
1:44 - ...those who served willingly were frightened the rage of others.(Возможно, должно быть "...those who served willingly were frightened by the rage of others.")
1:46 - who wanted punishment for indignity.(Возможно, должно быть "Scared by those who wanted punishment for indignity.")
1:55 - Sectarian with huge poleaxe burst out of crowd.(Возможно, должно быть "A Sectarian holding a huge poleaxe bursted out of the crowd.")
2:00 - He accused Hahn of kiliing dark mage, and wanted revenge.(Возможно, должно быть "He accused Hahn of killing dark mages and he wanted revenge." or "He accused Hahn of killing the dark priest and he wanted revenge.")
2:13 - So that was Koal did for Hahn.(Возможно, должно быть "So that is what Koal did for Hahn.")
2:19 - Then panic started and "bloodbath".(Возможно, должно быть "After that everyone started to panic. A "bloodbath" started happening.")
2:26 - We was able to save...(Возможно, должно быть "We were able to save...")
2:31 - Survived cultists were exiled, but citizens didnt want to restore city.(Возможно, должно быть "The cultists that survived were exiled, but the citizens didn't want to restore their city.")
2:39 - ...but to hear a story from eyewitness...(Возможно, должно быть "...but to hear such a story from an eyewitness...")
2:43 - I always glad to a new listerners.(Возможно, должно быть "I'm always glad to see new listerners.")
3:09 - After examination pass, best candidates are selected by committee.(Возможно, должно быть "After the exam the best candidates are selected by the committee.")
3:13 - ...and receive approving letter.(Возможно, должно быть "...and receive an approving letter.")
3:20 - ...He got in so rush. It's good thing he passed.(Возможно, должно быть "...He got in it with such a rush. It's a good thing he passed.")
3:23 - ...Another year, then I'll lead exam. Don't remember count. Seventh? Eighth?(Возможно, должно быть "...Another year. I'll be taking exams once again this year and I don't even know anymore how many times I already tried. The seventh time? The eighth time?")
3:24 - Still, I nervous. Fingers on left hand are shaking.(Возможно, должно быть "Even so, I'm nervous. The fingers on my left hand are shaking.")
4:12 - ...I can make an error... And I don't want to make an error!(Возможно, должно быть "...I could make a mistake... And I don't want to make any mistake!")
4:59 - I wonder where they send me, when I'll be a soldier?(Возможно, должно быть "I wonder where they will send me when I become a soldier?")
5:01 - For the beginning pass the exam, then you can dream.(Возможно, должно быть "For starters pass the exam, then you can dream all you want.")
5:04 - Why you talk so rude to everyone, all the time, Asia...(Возможно, должно быть "Why are you so rude to everyone all the time Asia...")
5:08 - ...after you're fill the profile...(Возможно, должно быть "...after you've filled your profile...")
14:46 - I'll back to city, will stay at INN and take a bath. And not going to move until ship arrives.(Возможно, должно быть "I'm going back to the city, stay at an INN and take a hot bath. And I'm not going to move one inch until the ship arrives.")
15:30 - ...get out from island.(Возможно, должно быть "...get out from this island.")
19:45 - But the army has already deal with this.(Возможно, должно быть "But the army has already dealt with this.")
23:29 - Phil, can I take it myself?(Возможно, должно быть "Phil, can I take it for myself?")
23:31 - He is so cute!(Возможно, должно быть "That is so cute!")
23:57 - I think we can already withdraw civilians from the Academy. Cost a little blood.(Возможно, должно быть "I think we can already withdraw the civilians from the Academy. They have taken the lives of some of our men though.")

Видео 23:

0:12 - We are back soon.(Возможно, должно быть "We will be back soon.")
0:15 - And immediately run away!(Возможно, должно быть "And they immediately run away!")
0:17 - ...what they needed here?(Возможно, должно быть "...what they were looking for here?")
0:51 - THIS IS HOW!?(Возможно, должно быть "HOW IS THIS STILL INTACT!?")
0:57 - ...but it is a pity boots.(Возможно, должно быть "...but I pity my boots.")
4:06 - Dad somehwo took me... (Возможно, должно быть "Dad somehow took me...")

Видео 24:

0:16 - Koal transfer us here! Son of (Возможно, должно быть "Koal transfered us here! That son of a...")
0:59 - ...that happened to me than...(Возможно, должно быть "...that happened to me after all this time...")
1:15 - It must be on fifth floor.(Возможно, должно быть "It must be on the fifth floor.")
1:18 - Think, we find Koal...(Возможно, должно быть "I think that we'll find Koal...")
1:20 - ...finally get answeres...(Возможно, должно быть "...finally get answers...")
1:22 - ...He, not talkative, I see.(Возможно, должно быть "...Your friend there is not very talkative, I can see that.")
1:56 - Get it.(Возможно, должно быть "Got it.")
21:10 - Without the slightest idea.(Возможно, должно быть "I don't have the slightest idea.")

Видео 25:

3:02 - Bracelets give me such power.(Возможно, должно быть "These bracelets give me such power.")
3:05 - This bracelets... Where did you get it?(Возможно, должно быть "These bracelets... Where did you get them?")

Видео 27:

17:32 - ...a whole year turned citizen of Kadary...(Возможно, должно быть "...a whole year turning the citizen of Kadary...")

Видео 28:

0:56 - And this fears make you weak!(Возможно, должно быть "And these fears make you weak!")
0:59 - You felt it on yourself Hahn, did you?(Возможно, должно быть "You felt this yourself Hahn, didn't you?")
1:12 - How pathetic you was?(Возможно, должно быть "How pathetic you were?")
1:48 - ...when I can become an a god myself?(Возможно, должно быть "...when I can become a god myself?")
2:20 - Dark. It is difficult to consider.(Возможно, должно быть "Darkness. Something difficult to consider.")
17:48 - ...it's worked.(Возможно, должно быть "...it worked.")
18:25 - ...about him?(Возможно, должно быть "...about them?")
18:28 - This flower is like a weed covered all planet and...(Возможно, должно быть "The flower is like a weed that covered all the planet and...")
18:35 - ...Oh not.(Возможно, должно быть "Oh no.")
18:38 - ...when it were discovered on Motavia...(Возможно, должно быть "...when they were discovered on Motavia...")
18:46 - Is this something says to you, Hahn?(Возможно, должно быть "What this tells you, Hahn?")
21:03 - You protect me! And always be, right?(Возможно, должно быть "You protected me! And always will, right?")
21:22 - How hand?(Возможно, должно быть "How's your hand?")
21:47 - Nothing think about it.(Возможно, должно быть "Nothing to think about it.")
22:15 - ... and went look for evidence.(Возможно, должно быть "... and went looking for evidence.")
22:21 - ... she accept it.(Возможно, должно быть "... she will accept it.")
23:14 - ... Be careful!(Возможно, должно быть "... But be careful!")
23:16 - I know without you...(Возможно, должно быть "I know that without you...")

Ну, я думаю, что это был последний. :laugh:

(English Version)
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Баги, найденные в игре 15.01.2020 18:27 #9170

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Исправили все ошибки, которые на данный момент были найдены в сборке, вот новость повесила по этому поводу:

Будет здорово, если еще найдется время пробежаться по дополнительным квестам :)
Титры тоже обновлены, кстати :laugh:
Граждане, пожалуйста, соблюдайте порядок!
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У меня небольшая большая проблема,со мной никто не хочет говорить,даже сундуки :'(
Шрифты поставил оба,по идее всё должно было быть нормально
Меню действий в игрк отображается с текстом ча здесь его нет
Вложил два фото,и ссылка на видео ( ),где видно что со мной никто не хочет говорить)
Х-ки:Win7 x64 SP1

UPD:походил по форуму и поставил шрифты для XP,всё заработало... простите за что потревожил)
Если вдруг когда-то кто-то,то пожалуй оставлю архив с шрифом здесь
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Спасибо, похоже, я залила последнюю версию слегка косячную в плане шрифтов, в ближайшее время пересобиру сборку и добавлю еще один шрифт туда, это не первая проблема со шрифтом, до этого еще люди писали на других сайтах, но я думала, что проблема на их стороне, забывают шрифты ставить и все такое... а похоже это моя вина, не смогла это нормально протестирвать, т.к. у меня-то давно все стоит в плане шрифтов и РПГ мейкеров, и доступа к чистому компьютеру, где это ничего не настроено просто нет :pinch: Извиняюсь за такие неудобства, и надеюсь игра понравится :)
Граждане, пожалуйста, соблюдайте порядок!
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Да,игра понравилась,хотя после такого неожиданного конца чувство будто меня обманули, хорошо что концовка не как с Элис) ;)

Также из багов хочу отметить что в Торинцо в одном из домиков всё ещё можно войти в стену(о баге ранее сообщали здесь на форуме, впервые здесь о нём и узнал)

А также в Пиате при взаимодействии с одной из книжных полок в библиотеке Эмма отвечает обычно, но "аватарка" у неё с серой бронёй из эндгейма
Скрины,к сожалению,приложить не могу)
Если завтра будет время,то постараюсь выложить :blush:
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Спасибо, надо же уже даже до конца прошел - быстро! :blink: :) Рада, что в целом понравилось. :pinch:

Насчет багов с проходимостью - в принципе он не критичный, как и с портретом, если накопится побольше таких багов, то уже будем обновление выпускать, а так пока вроде необходимости в этом нет, игра ведь нормально проходится, и со стеной вообще мало кто заметит :)
Граждане, пожалуйста, соблюдайте порядок!
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